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Innovation: The market is constantly changing and evolving. So should your real estate investment firm. We collaborate with a team of professionals who are constantly innovating new and efficient ways to leverage the market.


Customer Centric: We listen to your needs! Mo2 caters our investments to the financial needs and desires of our investor base.

Relationships: At Mo2, we know that relationships are important. It is imperative to us to build and maintain relationships within the market.


When it comes to executing under pressure, no one has more experience and credentials then the management team at Mo2 Investments.


It’s your hard-earned money! We will put it to work for you.


Mo2 Investments and our team will strive to get you GREAT properties, in GREAT areas, with GREAT returns.


Apartment syndication is hard to gain a foothold in. Mo2 Investments makes it easy for you to be an investor in these lucrative deals. Simply put, we take what used to be available only to large institutional investors and make it accessible to you!


To become part of this exciting process, contact us now!


We always have time for our investors!


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Our acquisitions typically have higher returns that you usually see from other investments. These results are not magic but rather the product of a highly disciplined approach that involves several key elements:


The combined education and professional experience of our team encompasses apartment ownership, management, construction, renovation, sales, negotiation, risk mitigation and finance


Our disciplined adherence to our acquisition criteria means every opportunity package we offer has already made it through a rigorous screening process for economic potential. Initial property selection criteria encompasses:

  • Cash Flowing on Takeover

  • Regional Economic Expansion

  • Landlord Friendly Markets

  • Value Add Properties

  • Strict Market Cycle Criteria

  • Multiple Exit Strategies


Once we identify a potential property that fits our Acquisition Strategy requirements, we do extensive research and evaluation of both the physical property as well as a financial and property/market risk assessment.


We firmly believe our investors have a right to expect high levels of partnership and transparency.


We only hire well-established, carefully vetted third-party professional management companies with web-based management software systems. This allows us to view their operating records, to the level of individual invoices, so we can closely and actively monitor and oversee the budget, goals and capital improvement projects.