It's Official, We are Military Spouse Owned

Celebrating recognition as a Military Spouse Owned Enterprise

Gulfport, MS - Mo2 Investments is proudly celebrating an achievement in becoming an officially recognized Military Spouse Owned Enterprise. The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce created the first and only of its kind certification, in an unprecedented commitment to land military spouses a seat at the B2B table for the first time in history.

The United States has long been defended by members of the armed forces and in a silent role, military spouses support those service members. Cost of living in the U.S. often warrants dual household incomes to cope with high living expenses. Military families give up a lot in the name of freedom, from constant relocations, and time away from family, to the difficult reality that finding a career that fits this lifestyle continues to be a challenge. Secure employment for spouses continues to be an enduring sacrifice with military spouse unemployment being four times the national average, pre-pandemic.

Military spouse employment is a hot topic within the military space with hundreds of organizations working to provide solutions, improve policy, and increase opportunities for traditional employment. Traditional employment is only half of the picture. As the challenge to obtain traditional employment lingers more military spouse are turning to entrepreneurship with 48% of spouses having been self-employed or operating their own business.

“Traditional employment initiatives only account for half of military spouses. To move the needle on military spouse unemployment, we must focus energy on the other half of the equation, self-employment.” Jaime Chapman, COO and Co-Founder, U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to garner national recognition of military spouse business owners through its certification process. Supporting military spouse owned business is a win-win move for both the spouses and the corporation who hire them for B2B enterprise. By supporting the military spouse, you directly impact the quality of life for the service member, influencing higher military retention and national security.

“The Military Spouse Owned Enterprise certification gives military spouse business owners a seat at the table.” Beth Conlin, Amazon

Since 2012 military spouse unemployment remains statistically unchanged. It’s time to look at the entire picture, including the 48% of military spouse entrepreneurs. The best way to find and support a military spouse owned business is to start locally. This local military spouse owned business has impacted the economy in a big way.

“The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce proudly welcomes Mo2 Investments as on officially certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprise. We know that Mo2 Investments will continue to make a positive impact in the local community and lend credibility to their fellow military spouse peers.” Jaime Chapman