New Passive Investor Opportunity- ProActive Realty Income Fund!

Mo2 Investments is pleased to announce a partnership with ProActive Realty Income Fund, LLC. This fund was formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing Multi-Family Housing with a primary focus on Class C Apartments. The Company acquires, renovates, manages, and re-purposes undervalued and distressed real estate assets with the intention of providing income and equity appreciation to investors.

The ProActive Realty Income Fund, LLC acquires properties in urban locations throughout the Midwest and Southeast - specifically, Ohio, Illinois; Memphis, TN; Detroit, MI; and similar urban markets. These areas allow the Fund to “Invest with Meaning” for real and positive impact. These markets provide a significant growth potential opportunity for the purchase, management, and sale of under-valued & distressed multi-family properties. Other secondary markets throughout the Midwest and Southeast offer similar opportunities.

The Fund’s main objective is to create a high yield, low risk return and projected accretive value of the Portfolio. We strive to deliver secure, consistent returns for investors through dividend income (paid monthly) and longer-term capital gains.

Our Fund is open to Accredited Investors only

Per your investment criteria, The Fund has different investment options available. Our conservative option is a 10% fixed annual return, paid either monthly or quarterly. Our higher paying investment opportunity has annualized target returns from 12% - 16% paid via quarterly dividends and annual net cash flow distributions.

Our Investors are Secured in 1st Position (in other words - paid first, paid often)! Our Investors are FIRST. PERIOD.

Offering Details:

Minimum Investment: $50,000

6% Preferred Return

Accredited Investors Only: 506 (c) offering

Investment Type: Equity

Location: Mid west and south east

Property Type: Commercial Real Estate

First Come, First-fund basis

Accepting all investment preferences: Self Directed IRA, Solo 401k, personal savings, reallocation of previous investments.

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