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The beginning of the new year was a critical month for multifamily buyers. Mo2 strategically positioned the company to aggressively seek deals and opportunities with great investment potential. Stay connected with our team to receive information on big deals with great partners and strong returns! Click here to schedule a time to talk with me now!

Mo2 Update

At Mo2, we are always looking for the latest trend - the next ridgeling to plant our flag. As the world continues to advance, its time we take a hard look at how we grow and produce our food. Innovative minds, such as Dennis Steele - founder and CTO of GrowSpace, are revolutionizing the way we grow our produce with indoor farming.

In an article in the summer of 2020, Brian Kateman wrote “The indoor farming technology market was valued at $23.75 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $40.25 billion by 2022. Yields are typically much higher than traditional farming methods. Crops from indoor farming are grown in three dimensions, rather than two – and can be grown all year round, independent of external weather conditions.” For this reason, Mo2 Investments is pleased to announce our partnership with the GrowSpace Fund I, LLC.

Mo2 Investments continues to review multifamily deals in the Southeast Region with specific emphasis on the Dallas Market. For 2021, we estimate underwriting over forty deals. Due to the unknown times, we continue to conservatively underwrite each property. In expanding our network, we are pleased to announce our second partnership for 2021 with the Proactive Realty Income Fund.


GrowSpace Fund I, LLC is raising funds via 506(C) accredited investor only for reposition of commercial real estate into an indoor farm in Portland, OR. The development will utilize the latest patented technological advances developed by founder and CTO, Dennis Steele.

  • Projected IRR = 28.5%

  • Hold period = 3 years

  • Equity Multiple = 1.9x

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ProActive Realty Income Fund

ProActive Realty Income Fund, LLC acquires and manages Multifamily Housing with a primary focus on Class C Apartments. The fund acquires properties in urban locations through the Midwest and Southeast.

Per your investment criteria, the Fund has different investment options available. Our conservative option is a 10% fixed annual return, paid either monthly or quarterly. Other investment opportunities have target returns from 12-15% per annum paid via quarterly dividends and annual net cash flow distributions.

Our investors are Secured in 1st position (in other words - paid first, paid often)!

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Join us for our next event

Intro to Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Saturday, March 6th @ 9:30am CST

Mo2 Investments would like to extend a personal invite to our next multifamily educational seminar. Mr. "Dre" Moorehead, Mo2 Co-founder and Managing Principle, will be providing the latest multifamily educational information, updates on the market and tax advantage strategies for you and your family! Please share this event invite with anyone that may be interested in passively investing in multifamily real estate. We will be meeting live on Saturday, March 6th @ 9:30am CST.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81993713759?pwd=OU95aHppWDdObWRheHd6QmtnMlBLZz09

Meeting ID: 819 9371 3759 Passcode: 648694

Key Market Detail

Multifamily rent collections have been resilient since the pandemic began, never dropping below 91.7% in 2020, according to NCREIF.

Suburban markets greatly outperformed urban markets.

Dallas - Forth Worth Metroplex:

  • Investors are flocking to DFW because of anticipated future growth in addition to the fact that capital is having difficulty placing equity in retail, office, and hotels - leaving multifamily and industrial as the best options.

  • Major companies such as CBRE, Charles Schwab, Uber, and Facebook have already relocated or expanded into the DFW area.

  • DFW is currently the fourth largest market in the U.S. and had led the country in terms of job growth in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

  • DFW's growing population of young workers in the 22-to-34 range is another factor in keeping multifamily trending. "Dallas-Fort Worth has a relatively young population base. The younger millennials and the older Gen Z's are in that prime age bracket where they are demanding rental properties," Jim Gaines, former chief economist for the Texas A&M Texas Real Estate Research Center, told Bisnow.

  • “Leasing activity proved unusually strong in the fourth quarter,” said Greg Willett, the top economist with Richardson-based RealPage. Net leasing in the quarter was “about double the average volume for the previous five years.”

Property Updates

Warwick Property - Norfolk, VA

Sold Feb 2021!!!

Mo2 Investments is pleased to announce the sale of Mo2 four unit property in Norfolk, VA February 18, 2021. Within four days of posting our property for sale, we received multiple offers well over asking price. Despite challenges from 2020, Mo2 successfully negotiated closing. We thank Mr. Rodney Fentress of Key Renters property management for his diligence and professionalism over the past years.

Team Though syndications in commercial real estate has its risks, Mo2 stands ready, willing, and able to capitalize on apartment deals to get our community of investors the high rate of return on investment that you rightfully deserve! Thank you for your time and consideration in partnering with Mo2 Investments.

Contact me to learn about investor positions for our current and upcoming deals!