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Andre is a co-founder and principal of Mo2 Investments. He is a graduate from the United States Naval Academy and an Active Duty Naval Officer and assists U.S. International partners in navigating the security cooperation's field. Due to his extensive military background and experience in stressful environments, Andre believes in aggressively dealing with problems to minimize their potential impact on project budget and goals. Throughout his career in the military, Andre has developed the ability to actively and aggressively manage budgets, labor, and the project schedule in order to meet project goals. He has a natural ability to manage both the small details and big picture priorities. 



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Christine is a co-founder and principal of Mo2 Investments. She is also a graduate from the United States Naval Academy. She recently separated from the United States Marine Corps as a Captain. During her time in the military, she gained extensive experience as a Logistics Officer and obtained a Master's in Business Administration. In addition, she spent most of her career in the Marine Corps collectively handling over $11.75 million of equipment under stressful working conditions earning the respect of her superiors and admiration of her subordinates. Christine's love of research and commitment to high standards are a natural and valuable fit for buying, selling, and managing properties and investment dollars. Her dedication to the details and exacting standards, combined with her expertise in all technical elements of deal execution and creativity in building internal infrastructure are essential to Mo2 Investments.